“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9

We are taking a minute to wish everyone a blessed Father’s Day and to encourage the Dad’s out there!  Father’s, like Mothers, don’t always have the greatest examples set for them on how to do this thing we call parenting. Many Dad’s out there courageously trust in the Lord and take on the responsibility anyway.  Not just making the difference in their own children’s lives, but changing the coarse of direction for lives of others around them by setting an example of attentive fatherhood along the way. Fortunately the Bible serves as an “instruction manual” and there are other Dad’s in the body of Christ that can help share what they have learned with each other along the way. But, having our own personal relationship with Christ and His Holy Spirit is always or greatest tool. One of Audra Waters Ministries, Inc.’s Board Members wrote this Holy Spirit Inspired poem of an example of what having a relationship with the Holy Spirit looks like to help himself and others along the same journey.  We hope it helps to serve as further example of what a loving Heavenly Father looks like for others, too. Know this.  If you read this poem and see anything in it that reminds you of your earthly Father, you are blessed and highly favored by God to have a believing and courageous father. And if you read this and see nothing that reminds you of your earthly father, you are also blessed and highly favored by God. Because Jesus has laid before His people an example of the nature of God the Father, through the Holy Spirit of Christ, to help guide the way in our own relationship with God and how that gives us courage in our own parenting journey.  The best example for fatherhood the Holy Spirit gives is simply being present every step of the way and guiding us as we go. If you are doing that alone, that earns you the entrusted title of Father and we want you to know how much we honor you.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit guide my steps every day

Least I fall or lose my way

Take my hand and help me stand

For all you are, My Lord

My Super Star

I feel your love and know your touch

That familiar voice that cares so much

Though I am down and in dismay

You’re always there to show the way

Let your Kingdom come

When all days are done

I’ve been washed pure white

By the Blood of your Son

By Ken Johnson 4/25/2010

Also, given the example of the poem written by Kenneth Johnson, Audra Waters Ministries, Inc would like to take the time to honor the other men of God who are tirelessly working behind the scenes in obedience to the Holy Spirit Himself, to make this effort of “being a father to the fatherless” a reality to so many. A special thank you to Todd Jennings of Ocean Floor Ministries and to John McGinnis of McGinnis Personal Finance Coaching.  You are OUR Super Stars!  Because of your services to this vision, we are all abundantly and richly blessed. Happy Father’s day, gentlemen! It is our prayer that all fathers, to include you, get a much deserved time of rest this weekend. It is also our prayer that all fathers receive the blessing of a father themselves. In Jesus Name and through His Blood, Amen.

If you would like to have a personal relationship with Christ and His Holy Spirit to guide you on your parenting journey, too, please use the tool we have provided for you below. We would be privileged and honored to get to know you, also. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Have you accepted Christ as your Savior?

If you would like to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, please pray the following prayer:

"God, I believe in you and your son Jesus Christ.  I believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave to save me. Today, I invite Jesus into my heart to stay.  I make you Lord over my life. Make me new. Wash me, Lord, and cleanse me. In Jesus Name, Amen"

If you have just prayed that prayer, we want to celebrate your new victory with you.  Please contact us at prayers@awministries.org so we can welcome you into the kingdom.  We don't want you to have to walk alone and we have some resources we would like the opportunity to share with you.