Audra’s Story:

Born in 1970, my parents separated early on.  Leaving me, a confused child, torn between two homes – one that attended church and one that did not.   Navigating through the confusion, I managed to find Christ at age 14 – declaring Him as Lord and Savior of my life.  However, without a firm foundation and a regular regimen of scripture, affirmation, and proper teachings – I was easily led towards Spiritualism.  While I believed in a higher power, I lacked direction.

I, like my parents, married young.  The marriage was rocky and did not last long. My first daughter, Emily, was born during that time.  Custody battles were fought for many years, but my relationship with her is a blessing from the Lord and one I am very thankful to have.

In 1994, I married my husband, Pete, and we have 3 daughters together, Sarah, Molly, and Hannah.  Many paths and directions led me to a number of different endeavors working within Child Development.  It was obvious (looking back) that the Lord was preparing me for work with the healing of children and families.  I gained a great deal of experience running a child care program, specialized in care for children with Autism, and led a Girl Scout group.  During this time my husband was serving full-time as an Army National Guard Active Reservist.  His career was cut short due to stress-related circumstances, and the plans we had made and were making quickly dissolved before our eyes.

As my husband and I struggled to find our roles in this world, I cried out to the Lord – asking Him to help me find my place and knowing Him to be real but not really knowing Him.  I remember my plea, “Lord, if you are really there, then I want to serve you.  But I need you to show me.”  The following morning, he did just that.  I received a phone call asking me to teach Preschool at a Southern Baptist Church.  This confused “Spiritualist”, was now teaching scripture-based curriculum to children.

This was the beginning of the kickstart with Jesus that I never knew I was searching for.  While playing the part of “good Church girl”, I worked my way from Teacher to Director at the Preschool, but something far more important was happening.  God was working on me.  I soon denounced my past and embraced my present and future with Christ.  I look back on this time warmly as not only my life was changed but two of my children were baptized and excepted Christ as well.  As my relationship with our Lord grew, so did my understanding and yearning for more of the Word as well.  Ultimately in 2002, I was called to become a Pastor.

Realizing that for the longest time, female pastors were not permitted or accepted by many denominations or Christians – I knew there was a barrier the Lord wanted me to help break.  Knowing that “all (male and female alike) are created equal in the sight of God”, I had always felt that it was just as important for me to gain Seminary experience as any other pastor would most likely attain. It also became apparent after attending Ordination Classes at my church that I had no other real option but to leave the Baptist denomination and set out on my discovery for what it meant to be a “Non Denominational” Pastor. However, after much pleading and some confusion, the Lord confirmed that traditional Seminary would not be an option for me and that He would “raise me up Himself”.  This seemed somewhat futile at the time and as if the cards were stacked against me before I’d even begun to minister.  However, His still, small voice continued to lead and guide me.  Guide me to a place where I realized that “through Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”  In 2014, I was ordained through an organization that recognizes the call on individuals lives and helps to equip them for ministry. The name of the organization? Seminary Covenant Community, Inc. It was more than confirming that it was His perfectly crafted plan for me and I have been ministering in different Pastoral capacities ever since. 

Throughout my journey with Christ, I’ve learned that things aren’t always what they seem.  Our timing is not always His timing.  Things we believe we are ready for – are not things He’s ready to entrust us with and so on.  In my tenure (leading to this ministry), He’s shown me many things and given me the privilege to work within many facets.  I’ve served as a Youth Pastor, Administrator, Teacher, Patient Care Provider, Realtor, A/V Technician, Store Manager, Program Director, Case Manager, and the list goes on.  Whether the position was paid or on a volunteer basis, His hands were guiding me.  Leading me from one place to another, teaching me, training me, preparing me, and showing me one more phase of His plan.  It’s been an exciting ride, and his love and grace continue to push me forward.

He has kept me busy; leading me, raising me up to this point.  Audra J. Waters Ministries, Inc. is the fulfillment of His prophetic vision.  This vision will help bring salvation, unity, education, healing, deliverance, organization, and wholeness to our community, nation, and across the globe.

Please join me in this next phase of His plans for His Kingdom, here on Earth.

In His Service,

Audra J. Waters-Leary

Pastor Audra J. Waters-Leary









Audra’s Bio:

Audra J. Waters-Leary

Audra J. Waters-Leary



Pastor Audra Waters-Leary received the her calling to preach the gospel in 2002, just prior to her 33rd birthday. Being a female called to ministry, she has tackled unique hardships in preparation for ministry that have given her understanding for the need for oneness in our relationships, families, and surrounding community.

Since 2002, Pastor Audra has worked alongside others that have been called assisting them directly. She has served as Youth Pastor at a prominent church and also has devoted many hours to a career in the non-profit sector working with all ages and stages of life.  Helping to alleviate many social concerns and being ordained in 2014 by Seminary Covenant Community, her passion is to aid in the ongoing circumstances involving homelessness, VA affairs, and rehabilitation for families in need. She has created Audra Waters Ministries, Inc. to carry out her prophetic vision of helping to bring salvation, unity, healing, deliverance, and wholeness to our community.